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Please find below important dates of events for our Year Six children in the next few weeks.

Leaver’s hoodies

If children have purchased one of the Leaver’s Hoodies that were arranged by the Parent Council, they may wear them instead of coats to and from school and at playtimes and lunchtimes between Monday 15th July and Friday 19th July. They should bring their school jumper/cardigan as usual.

Leaver’s Disco

There will be a leaver’s Disco on Thursday 18th July in the afternoon. Children are to come to school in their school uniform, but may bring party clothes with them to get changed into.

Leaver’s assembly

Parents/Carers are invited to attend our Yr6 Leaver’s assembly on Tuesday 16th July 2018 at 9.15am and 2.15pm in the Auditorium.              

Shirt signing

It has become a tradition for Yr. 6 children to get their shirts signed with well-wishes as they leave. Yr. 6 will be allowed to get their shirts signed on Friday 19th July during an allocated time-slot, providing that they have parental permission to do so.

If you would rather they didn’t take part in this, please let one of the Yr. 6 team know or if you would rather they didn’t sign the shirt that they are wearing on this day, then please provide them with an old shirt/top that they can get signed, as an alternative.

Thanks again for continued support this year.

The Year 6 team.

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