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Miss A Edwards, Executive Headteacher

8th February 2019 Newsletter:

As we come to the end of the first part of the spring term, and the mid-point of the school year,  we are evaluating the progress of each pupil in Y2 and Y6 ready to plan for the next stage of the curriculum. Children in other year groups will also undertake assessments in the coming half term so we can plan learning accordingly. This is a crucial task to check on each individual child. We consider their current attainment levels and whether they are in line with their age related expectations, the rate of their progress and any gaps in their learning. We also plan extra support for those children who need it. This may be because they have high attainment and need additional challenges to extend their knowledge further, or because they have some gaps in understanding that need addressing before they can move on. We will send out a termly report to parents at the end of the spring term outlining the main details of your child’s achievements.

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched our newly designed website. This contains essential information about the school and is updated regularly to keep parents well informed about life at Partington Central Academy. Look out for dates for your diary, information on learning and the weekly newsletters. Please take the time to visit our website via www.thedeantrust.co.uk and select the ‘Our Schools’ tab to take you to our individual site. Thank you.

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