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Miss A Edwards, Executive Headteacher

27th November 2020 Newsletter:

Thank you to all of our families for joining us this week for our first ever online parents’ evening. It was a huge success and we are very grateful for all your positive feedback!

It has certainly been a different way of doing things but it has been lovely to have the opportunity to catch up with parents and celebrate the achievements of your children.

Thank you to all staff and parents alike for embracing this new way of working. We will also be providing a written report for your child before the end of term to give you further information on how well they are progressing.

This week we have also had a full health and safety inspection. This annual inspection covered all the usual aspects but with a specific focus on our protocols for reducing the spread of Covid infections.

I’m pleased to report that the inspection was a great success and that we have thorough risk assessments in place that are minimising risk to both children and staff.

Many Thanks

Anita Edwards

Executive Headteacher


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