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Facts For Parents

“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela


At Partington Central Academy we know that good attendance is the key to successful schooling and we believe our pupils can be amongst the best.

Attending school every day will help give your child the best possible start in life.

Going to school every day means:

  • learning new skills
  • making friends
  • having lots of fun
  • building lasting relationships
  • taking part in exciting activities

You can help us to help your child by encouraging regular school attendance.

Regular attendance helps children to develop their confidence and to make and keep lasting friendships.

Your child’s education is very important; attendance habits established in the foundation years of education can affect their entire school life.


  • 90% attendance is equivalent to missing 100 lessons.
  • If you take your child on a 2 week holiday in term time, attendance for the year immediately drops to 95%.
  • 90% attendance means 1/2 a days absence each week; 4 weeks over the year & half a years absence over 5 years!
  • 90% attendance is equivalent to a full month off school!
  • Holidays are NOT allowed in term time and WILL NOT be authorised.
  • You can be fined up to £2,500 or given 3 months prison sentence if your child misses too much school.
  • Research shows that pupils who attend school regularly are more likely to do well in the future.
  • Poor attendance is sometimes due to a child being unhappy or worried….Ask them about it!!

Good Attendance


By law you must ask for permission for your children to miss school.

Leave in term time will not be agreed for holidays. Children should only be absent from school for illness and medical appointments.

You can request “leave in term time” for your child using a request form available at the School Office. However, holidays WILL NOT be authorised


Arrange family holidays to coincide with school holidays

Never take your child out of school when there are important examinations or tests

Be aware of the potential impact on your child’s education

Avoid taking your child out of school when they are just starting. This is very important as your child needs to settle into their new environment as quickly as possible.


  • Aim for 10 hours sleep a night for your child. This will make the following day at school easier for them to cope with.
  • Make sure your child eats breakfast, it helps them stay alert at school.
  • Help your child develop routines.
  • Get their school bag ready the night before.
  • Develop a night time routine that involves checking their homework, reading & bed.
  • Try & make sure that any medical/dental appointments are made for after school.
  • Never take holidays in term time.
  • If you know your child will be absent from school, write a note before the day of absence.
  • If your child is ill, ring the school as soon as possible on the first day of absence.


There are 190 statutory school days in one year. That means there are 175 days (weekends & school holidays) available to use for holidays!

There is no entitlement to time off in school time to go on holiday.

Headteachers cannot authorise any leave in term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. ALL holidays will be unauthorised.

Any period taken without agreement of the school, or in excess of that agreed, will be classed as unauthorised and may attract a Penalty Notice.

A 2 week holiday in school time means your child has approximately 50 hours of missed work to catch up on! Penalty Notices are now being issued.

Some parents choose to book holidays during term time because it is more convenient for them or perhaps better value than at other times.

We understand that everybody deserves a holiday but NOT at the expense your child’s education.

Click Holidays-in-Term-time-Flyer for more information and the form that you can use to request permission. However it’s important to note that such permission is very limited and consequently very rarely granted.


Guidance for Parents & Carers Regarding School Attendance & Medical Appointments

We understand that from time-to-time you may need to take your child to see the doctor or dentist, or maybe have hospital appointments to see specialist staff for regular referrals consultations and treatments. Please read the attached Medical Form for guidance.


  • Pupil attendance will be closely monitored. The Office Manager, SENCO and Deputy Headteacher will check pupil attendance percentages regularly to see if action is required.
  • First Response texts will be made, followed by a phone call if your child is not in school by 9.30.
  • Ensuring your child’s regular attendance at school is your legal responsibility.
  • Classes are encouraged to compete for the best attendance in a weekly Attendance Race. The winning class at the end of term will receive a reward.
  • If attendance drops below 85% pupils are identified as ‘Persistent Absentees’. A formal letter will be issued to parents/carers about their child’s attendance record.
  • A pupil becomes a ‘persistent absentee’ (PA) when they miss 15% or more schooling across the school year for whatever reason.
    • All PA cases are also automatically made known to the Local Authority Attendance Officers. PA cases will be closely monitored to see if further action is required.
    • Attendance Officers can use sanctions such as Penalty Notices or prosecutions in the Magistrates Court.
    • Taking leave in term time will affect your child’s schooling as much as any other absence and we expect parents to help us by not taking children away in school time.

For more information please can click to download:




We expect regular attendance

The best attendees achieve the best grades

We reward and celebrate our best attenders

Every half-day absence from school has to be classified by the school as either AUTHORISED or UNAUTHORISED. This is why information about the cause of any absence is always required.

Authorised absences are mornings or afternoons away from school for a good reason like illness, which unavoidably fall in school time, emergencies or other unavoidable cause.

Unauthorised absences are those which the school does not consider reasonable and for which no ‘leave’ has been given. This type of absence can lead to the Authority using sanctions and/or legal proceedings.


Poor punctuality or leaving before the end of the school day is not acceptable.

School data shows a link between poor attendance & under-achievement

Missing just 10 minutes of school a day is the same as missing two weeks over the year.

Pupils who arrive late and/or leave early also disrupt lessons, which can be embarrassing for the child and can in turn, encourage absence. It is also extremely disruptive for the rest of their class.


Starting on Monday 30th September 2019 the school doors will close at 8.45am in the morning.
This is when lessons begin so children should already be in class.
We have a very high volume of children disturbing the first lesson due to their late arrival. With this in mind we must encourage parents to have their children in school before that time.
Doors will open at 8.35am as usual.
Anyone arriving after 8.45am will have to go through the main school reception area so we can contact parents of those regularly late to school.
Thank you for your cooperation and your support in putting learning first.


  • Doors open at 8:35am and close at 8.45am
  • School starts/Registration is at 8:45am
  • Lessons start promptly at 9.00am with the morning break at 10.30am – 10.45am (main lessons are 45 mins each)
  • Lunchtime: 12.15pm – 1.00pm.
  • School finishes at 3:15 pm.


Term calendars are available to download as a pdf document.

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