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It’s always lovely to hear positive things about our school, staff and our children. Here are just a few:

Parent comments

Year 1 – Year 6 parents were invited to attend a short meeting on Wednesday 27th March at the school.  This was a chance to have the reports explained and a chance for parents to ask any questions. Here is a few of the parents comments following the meeting:

I like the way the school is being run.

I would absolutely recommend this school to others

My kids love this school and their teachers

Teachers are fantastic

Teachers are fantastic with any concerns I’ve had.

On Tuesday 27th February ’19 we held our Year 2 SATs meeting for Parents.

Here is some of the feedback following the session.

Not too worried now… Thomas Dunn

There is always someone available to talk with. Well planned out meeting – explained Always kept informed on any progress/issues. Nicola really does enjoy school and already wants to look at teaching… Nichakorn Styne’s

Very informative …easy to follow presentation… Aiden Fahie

On Thursday 7th February ’19, Reception held a ‘Stay and Play’ session.

Parents and carers were invited into the setting to see and celebrate what Reception had been learning about this term and to carry out some fun activities with the children. Lots of sparkly snails and paper plate whales were made as well as Chinese New Year bookmarks. The session ended with the children singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Chinese!

It was fantastic to see so many parents and carers at this session and we enjoyed reading the positive feedback that we got from this event. Here are just a few of the comments when asked what they enjoyed about this session:

“Seeing what the children have been up to! The song was amazing!” Robyn – Georgia’s mum

“Watching Cruz learn and play and interact with other children.”  Emma Propher

“Got to see how great the learning activities were displayed. Well enjoyed!”

“Interaction with child in learning environment.” Mr Parsonage

“Spending time with Mia in a different environment and seeing a side of her we don’t get to see.” Hannah and Rowan

“It was lovely to see Holly interacting with other children in class and showing me how she does things.” Holly’s Nanna

“Lovely to experience classroom environment and see what Poppy enjoys at school.”

“Great interaction and enjoyed seeing all the fun learning techniques.” JM

“I enjoyed playing and interacting with Theo, I loved him showing me how much he loves Maths.” Tanisha Burgess

General comments about the school from other parents:

“Partington Central Academy is a lovely, close community school with great academic achievement. I wouldn’t send my children anywhere else”.  Parent

The children seem to be engaged, and learning, with results improving each year. Parent

Great relationships between teachers, parents and children are encouraged. When I visit the school I feel it has a warm, friendly and vibrant feel to it”. Parent

Rosie and her sister Violet had a lovely time at Winter Wonderland for her family day out prize for winning the attendance draw last half term! Thank you Partington Central Academy! Parent of Rosie

“What an amazing performance at PCA tonight with the production of Annie. I was blown away by the whole cast. What a brilliant combined effort by all the children, their teachers and the support of the parents”.

Just been and watched Annie!! Well done to all the kids…but Annie & Miss Hannigan were ABSOLUTELUY AMAZING!  Their parents should be super proud!

“EVERY single child did AMAZING and it was produced brilliantly well done guys total thumbs up all round!”

“Really enjoyed Infants sports day today. What a great job school did to keep the children cool and hydrated in the heat too!”

“The last two days have been amazing  for the children and sports… Both took part in the 2k run…Then today at Sports Day all of mine were placed in their runs, so a massive proud mummy moment. But most of all, all the children at PCA behaved well and did amazing in their sports in this heat. Every parent should be proud of their child/ren today.

Pupil Comments

Our Year 1 – Year 6 children were asked what they like about their school and here are just a few of their comments:

“I like Maths because I feel I have improved – so it’s getting to be fun.”

“It’s a positive atmosphere for learning here and we are all treated equally.” Year 6 Pupil

“I like English, especially when we write stories.”

“That we get the help we need”.

“I like Art because it teaches me new drawings and PE because we learn fun games”.

“I like PE/Science and my teachers because they make lessons fun”.

“I like wet play because we watch movies and the healthy stuff like apples and bananas”.

“I like that teachers have perfect personalities. We have the most interesting lessons.

“I like the trip not just because they are fun but teachers are relaxed and friendlier”.

“I really like some English lessons when we write stories and I like seeing my friends”.

“I like that school is supporting and caring”.

“I like lessons – sometimes we get to move around the classroom”.

“School is not strict and there is always help to hand”.

“I like Maths, Science, History and Geography – we do fun experiments and learn about the war”.

“Friends to play with/helpful teachers/revision support for SATS”.

Visitors Comments

Last week (14th June ’19)we had a number of visitors in school that couldn’t praise the children and the school enough!

The bikeability instructor came to see Miss Edwards to pass on their thanks and well wishes to the school after successful sessions with the Y6 children. He said how impressed he was by the standards in school and the behaviour and attitudes of the children. We also received a lovely email from the poetry teacher who came into PCA to deliver poetry workshops with our Y3 children…

“….it was an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for inviting me. You have a great school and I enjoyed the whole day in both classes – what struck me was how strong your Year 3s are in collaborative work, shaping ideas out aloud and their motivation and aims. I thoroughly enjoyed their writing and being in their company!

Please pass this on to the Head, I visit so many schools – when I find one as good as yours, I’ll say so!”

The LPPA framework has been integral in developing our family culture and extending our involvement in the local community.

Here is what the Leading Parent Partnership Award  inspector reported about PCA (May 2019):

“The school has a very strong commitment to parent partnership…”

“The children were really lovely, articulate and enthusiastic about the school with a sound knowledge of how parents are involved in school life and how parents are informed of their child’s progress in school”.

“The school have built strong links with the community and local agencies to support parents and raise the profile of the school within the community”.

“The parent council have developed into a self-managing body who organise school and family events, raise funds for school events and promote the school in the community”.

“There is a strong commitment to parent partnership from the governing body…”

“ The school have invested in specialist staff to support parents with attendance and punctuality, social issues, health and well-being”.

“The Education Welfare Officer has produced high quality materials for parents and children on attendance and punctuality…”

“In school transition is excellent…..”

“There has been a change in the culture of the school. The school now has the highest level of attendance in the last 5 years, behaviour is better and standards have risen”.

The Assurance Team

Partington Central Academy had a full day assurance check by a team of three senior leaders from across the trust. The Assurance Team visited lessons throughout the school and met with various staff ranging from the Executive Headteacher, Head of School, teachers, newly qualified teachers and support staff. Pupil voice played an important part in this inspection and was recorded through talking to the children in their lessons and through an observation of their lunchtime. The Assurance Team triangulated their findings from lesson observations, pupil voice, staff interviews, school documents and internal and external data. I am pleased to share with you the success of the day and, as usual, the pupils (and staff!) at Partington Central made us proud.

The inspection team commented that “Behaviour in lessons is excellent. Low level disruption is not evident; behaviour systems are robust. Attendance is improving rapidly”. They also reported on the quality of lessons that had been observed stating that “Lessons observed were excellent. All pupils were engaged and had evidence of progress in books”. When commenting on staff during lesson time the Assurance Team said that “Their use of questioning was excellent-probing”. It was a hugely successful day that showcased the achievements of both the pupils and staff at PCA. Please see further comments below from the final report and subsequent comments made by the team. Well done to everyone at PCA!

“Can I say what a pleasure it was to visit your school! We were well looked after and saw some amazing practice”. Mr. P.Hitchin

“I just wanted to say I was so impressed yesterday and that I would be a proud parent if my child was educated at your school”  Mrs. J.Arnold

“The visit was thoroughly enjoyable and the school should be proud of the pupils, staff and leadership”. Final report

“Improvements in the academic data are clearly evident and the school operates at a comparative level – slightly higher – than national averages in most areas”. Final report

“”Engagement of pupils is excellent”. Final report

“There has been an appointment of an EWO. This has immediately had a positive impact upon improving attendance…..expectations of the children and the families is high and bringing about positive impact”. Final report

“Teaching Assistants are excellent in their application of classroom practice and are extremely well trained. Observations clearly evidenced the positive impact on learning that the TAs have on the pupils they work with”. Final report

“Pupils within KS1 could self-regulate and even led learning on their group table”. Final report

“Attendance continues to be an area for improvement but school leadership responded effectively and rapid improvements are already clear”. Final report


“I couldn’t get to work in my school in Sale so I went to Partington Central Academy today. The kids were awesome so polite and helpful and the team I worked with were amazing. I had a lovely day”. A Cook for Trafford Borough Council

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