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At Partington Central Academy, we like to use trips and visits to enhance our school curriculum. We aim to have at least one visitor to school or one trip outside of school per term for each year group.

All school trips are organised well in advance and carefully planned to meet appropriate health and safety requirements, this will always include a relevant risk assessment.  A minimum of one qualified first-aider will be in attendance. Participation requires parental consent. All information will be sent out via the ‘My Child at School’ app. All payments for trips will be on the MCAS app.

September 2023-December 2023


Polar Regions Workshop


Polar Regions Workshop

Year 1

Norton Priory Trip

Year 2

Great Fire of London Workshop

Year 3

Stone Age Workshop

Year 4

Viking Workshop

Year 5

Rockets to Rovers Workshop

Year 6

Crucial Crew

Broadoak Spy Academy

Victorian Workshop

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