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Year 2 Curriculum Statement


English- In English in Year 2 we build on developing the children’s phonics knowledge from Year 1, through applying their phonics to writing and developing their increasing knowledge of spelling patterns.

In reading the children take part in whole class Guided Reading sessions, focusing very specifically on the content domains.  The children develop their reading in terms of fluency and intonation through teacher modelling and working with peers and are taught how to answer different types of questions linking to vocabulary, retrieval, sequencing, inference and prediction in both verbal and written forms.

In writing the children build on their use of sentence structure and look at how to extend their sentences using a range of subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions.  The children’s spellings should be mostly correct by Year 2 and if not correct should be phonically plausible.  We use the HeadStart spelling scheme to support teaching children spelling patterns.  The children use pre-cursive handwriting and should ensure they form capital letters and digits of the correct size, orientation and relationship to one another and to lower-case letters.  Once the children have mastered their handwriting technique the children are taught to join letters.

In SPaG the children learn to apply the year 2 spelling and grammar rules.

The children have 5 Guided Reading lessons, 5 English lessons (including a double session) and 1 handwriting lesson each week.  At least 2 basic skills sessions have an English focus.

Maths- In maths in Year 2 we follow the White Rose scheme of work. Our main focus is understanding and using place value, addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers, and multiplication and division.  The children have 5 lessons a week of Maths, including a double session.  At least 2 basic skills sessions have a Maths focus.  Children are encouraged to practice their times table skills using TT Rockstars at home.

The children cover the following units across the year:

Foundation Subjects: The children cover the following areas of learning across the year:

Objectives for the above topics are taken from the National Curriculum.



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