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AUTUMN (1) September 2019

This half term we are journeying through history, We will be studying the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. The children have had an excellent hook into this period of History through our stone age workshop. They will begin to understand the chronology of the topic through construction of understanding timelines . They will learn about how homes, food, farming changed over this time period.
Our work in Science will focus upon the interesting topic of rocks and soil. We have lots of interesting lessons planned so be prepared for all the interesting facts the children will be bringing home.
In English we are looking at Fables. The children are already immersed in a number of Aesop’s fables and are enjoying exploring the morals within them. In Maths we will be consolidating place value knowledge before moving onto calculations. All areas of maths would be greatly improved by your children regularly practising their times tables. In Year 3 we will be learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. In PE we are lucky to enjoy a sessions with both Team Theme and MUFC. Miss Ifon and Miss Cowan will be teaching the children skills in dance this half term.

Things to remember

Homework out on a Friday and due in on a Wednesday 3SI—PE on Wednesday and Friday 3GC—PE on a Monday and Friday PE Kit—burgundy shorts, white t shirt and black pumps.

Spelling Test: Friday Reading Books: REMEMBER our target is minimum 3 reads per week Please bring book bags and school diaries in daily so they can be checked. Your child is then responsible for changing their own book

Important Dates/Reminders:
Wednesday—Team Theme—P.E kit should be in school—3SI
Friday—Dance—P.E kit should be in school—3SI Monday—Dance—P.E kit should be in school—3GC
Friday— MUFC—PE kit should be in school—3GC


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