Year 4

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Reading is taught each day in guided reading sessions.  Through the week, the children work on comprehension, understanding vocabulary in context as well as reading the text out loud.


For independent reading books, the children complete a Star Reader assessment (part of the Accelerated Reader system) that generates a reading range.  Books are selected based upon this.


In writing the children learn to use appropriate features to write in different genres.  The is currently done using the Writing for Purpose framework (see the table below for genres and books upon which each half term’s work is based).

The children are expected to develop neat handwriting using cursive script in accordance with the school’s handwriting policy.

The coverage of styles in writing is as follows:



For spelling, punctuation and grammar, the children learn to apply the year 4 spelling and grammar rules. This includes extending the range of sentences with more than one clause by using a wider range of conjunctions, using fronted adverbials, subordinate clauses and expanded noun phrases.



Maths- In maths in year 4 we follow the White Rose scheme of work. The children learn to work within 4-digit numbers and 2 places of decimals. They should be able to recall all times table facts and related division facts.

The children cover the following units across the year:



The children regularly practise times tables in preparation for the Year 4 Multiplication Tables check.

Other Subjects: The children cover the following topics across the year:


Objectives for the above topics are taken from the National Curriculum.

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