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A pupil is usually excluded when the child’s behaviour is unacceptable and they need some time out of school.

Exclusions can take effect immediately and the headteacher decides if this is a fixed period exclusion or a permanent exclusion.
There is a process the school must follow and as a parent or carer, you also have a number of legal responsibilities.

Fixed period exclusion

Children can be excluded from school for up to 45 days in any school year. A child can also be excluded during lunch-times, which counts as a half day exclusion.

Exclusions periods:

  • Work will be provided for your child to do at home if the exclusion is less than five days
  • Your child may be placed in another school if the exclusion is longer than five days.
  • For exclusions over 15 days, a governors’ meeting will be held to review the exclusion. You can request and attend a similar meeting if the exclusion is less than 15 days.

After the fixed period exclusion, you will be invited to a meeting to discuss your child’s return to school.

Permanent exclusion

The school will provide work to do at home for days one to five. A school Governors’ meeting will be arranged to review the decision within 15 school days of the exclusion and you will be invited to attend. Your child can also attend this meeting.

Your responsibilities

If your child is excluded from school, you must:

  • Ensure your child understands that they are not allowed in a public place during school hours – failure to comply could result in prosecution or issue of a fixed penalty notice
  • Ensure your child does not enter the school premises during the exclusion – you will be asked why your child is not at home
  • Make arrangements to collect and return school work for days one to five of the exclusion

Trafford School Admissions can support you through the process, including finding an alternative school place for your child.

Following a permanent exclusion

You can request an independent review of the decision of the school governors to permanently exclude your child:

  • Meeting must be held within 15 school days, at which the governors will review the Headteacher’s decision to permanently exclude your child.
  • You may request an independent review of the governors’ decision within 15 school days of the governors meeting
  • You will receive a letter confirming the exclusion. This letter will also include a form for completion if you would like the exclusion to be reviewed, this needs to be returned to the named contact. As well as the form, you can submit additional papers / reports for consideration.
  • An independent panel will then be arranged, normally within three school weeks of receiving the request
  • You can attend the panel meeting, together with your child. A Special Educational Needs (SEN) expert will attend if you have requested this
  • You will be notified of the date, time and venue for the meeting and you will be sent copies of school reports which detail the decision they have taken
  • At the meeting, you can state your views and ask the panel members questions. You can also ask the school representative questions about their decision.
  • The panel members will make their decision in private and you will be notified in writing of their decision
  • The panel can uphold the exclusion, recommend the governing body to reconsider or quash the exclusion and ask the governing body to consider the exclusion again.

Your child’s return to school

If your child can return to school, you will be contacted by the school to plan for this. If your child cannot return to school, the council will continue to provide their education and this will be discussed with you

These adhere to the Department for Education’s guidance.  For more information please go to their website.

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