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‘Our aim at Partington Central Academy is to provide the knowledge and confidence pupils need to make positive choices that will benefit their health both mentally and physically and ways in which they can sustain this to ensure healthier bodies and minds’.


We are part of the Children’s Health Project

The project aims to increase children’s physical and mental health and well-being. Click the link to find out more about the four health champions and the project.


Over lockdown we put together some simple and fun activities for you to try at home with your children to boost health and well-being.

You can access all of the activities here: All Weeks of home learning


Help with routine

Are you having trouble getting children back into a morning routine?

Try this activity:  Morning_Routine


Mood Boosters

Is your child finding it tough to concentrate on homework? Or maybe they just need a mood boost? Physical activity has been proven to enhance mood. Try this fun Minecraft activity to get the endorphins flowing!

Minecraft Sensory Circuit



Children have been using the Calm Corner at school when they need some time to chill and refocus after being upset or frustrated. There are lots of strategies they have been practising. One of them is meditation. Click the link for short meditations you can try at home. It’s not all crossed legs and humming! Have a go – you might be surprised at how focussed it makes you feel.

KS1 Meditations for Parents

KS2 Meditations for Parents



Yoga is an art that combines mental focus with physical movement. It helps to keep you flexible and well in your body and mind. Younger children love the videos on this youtube channel but adults will benefit, too! https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga

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